Repair & Maintenance

A sign that is not operating properly or one that looks old and outdated is not likely to attract new business. Major repair and replacement can become very costly, this can be avoided with the proper care and maintenance schedule.

As customers look at the appearance of your business, they may feel that a poorly maintained sign might be an indication of poor customer service as well. Unattractive and badly maintained signage is not likely to attract new business and may actually drive current customers away. We liken signage to a highly visible salesman, just as a salesman's appearance is judged by the pubic, so will be your signage.

Properly maintained signage will continue to:

  • Bring in new business.
  • Attract from within your immediate area. (where the majority of sales come from)
  • Increase the visibility of your business. 
  • Work for you, long after it has been paid for.

Bob's Sign Service maintains and services several styles and types of signage, Bob personally works with our clients to ensure your signage is properly maintained and serviced to continue having maximum impact.

Due to signage that may contain phosphorous, mercury, and other dangerous elements Bob's Sign Service does not advise, recommend, or endorse any service or maintenance by untrained personnel.

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